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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will see answers to the most common questions that are asked by employers and agencies.

How do I set up an account?

You can request a demo with our team through our demo form. One of our team will be in touch within 24 hours to schedule a suitable date and time to show you the platform.

What performance data and insights will RAMP Global provide?

RAMP Global will give you visibility into how well your staffing agencies are performing across a number of recruiting metrics. Gain insight into the best performing agencies, fill rates, time-to-hire, agency spend and more.

How much does RAMP Global cost and is there a minimum term contract?

Employers using the platform sign up to an annual contract which is priced based on the following factors:
• Number of users
• Job volume
• How many staffing agencies to be onboarded
• Implementation/ATS Integration set up fee
• Transactional Placement Management Fees

How long does implementation take?

Implementation can typically take between 2 weeks and 3 months, for which this is solely dependant on your requirements.

Can you integrate into my Applicant Tracking System?

Through our API, we connect with many popular applicant tracking systems enabling employers to release jobs and engage agencies through your ATS. Receive candidate submissions and provide candidate feedback without the need to sign in to two separate systems.

Can I access RAMP Global’s network to source new staffing agencies?

Through RAMP Global you can source and engage new staffing agencies in over 50+ countries. You can see what staffing agency capability the platform has on our agency network

How do you vet new staffing agencies and what is the screening process?

All staffing agencies registered through RAMP Global are taken through a screening process in which we identify their capabilities in terms of delivering on role speciality and their regional capacity. Each staffing agency signs a license agreement to use the platform and if you require, an employer code of conduct. We monitor each users adherence to these agreements and if in breach, we take action accordingly.

How many staffing agencies do you have on your platform?

Through RAMP Global you can source and engage new staffing agencies in over 50+ countries. You can see what staffing agency capability the platform has on our agency network

How do I register an account?

You can register for a free account here
• Once you’ve created an account, click on the ‘Settings’ cog on the left-hand side to complete your profile including your name, photo, telephone number and specialist areas.
• In the ‘Specialisms and alerts’ section, select using the drop-down menu and locations (‘Coverage’) you recruit for.
• If you or your agency supplies into multiple sectors and specialist areas, then you can add further specialisms to receive all relevant job notifications.

How do I receive job notifications?

• When an employer posts a job that matches the specialist area(s) and location(s) you have selected, you will receive a job alert email to review the requirement.
• Each job alert email will contain a link to the job, and will automatically log you in to your account to view.
• You will also be able to view the terms of business for each job to accept prior to engaging.

Do I have access to the employer?

Once engaged on a job you can message the employer via the platform to ask questions, arrange an agency briefing, receive candidate feedback, schedule interviews, and manage offers.

How do I arrange an agency briefing with the employer?

• Agency briefing times are typically confirmed each time you engage on a job.
• Agency briefings typically take place within 1-3 working days upon engagement dependant on availability of the employer.
• If the agency briefing has already taken place and it has been recorded, this will be shared with you.

Do I need to pre-agree terms of business to supply via RAMP Global?

When you engage on a new job, you are required to agree to supply candidates through RAMP Global and to the terms of business set by the employer. The terms of business are provided on each job and you must agree to these to engage and supply candidates. The agreement is valid for the duration of the recruitment process whilst you’re engaged on the job..

Can I negotiate an employers terms of business?

The terms of business available on each job are non-negotiable and pre-set by the employer.

You can provide feedback to the employer i.e. regarding the recruitment fee or salary prior to engaging on a job. If the employer agrees to update their terms, you will be re-notified of any changes and engage on a job.

How much does it cost to use RAMP Global?

Registering an account is free.

For every successful placement, a handling fee is applied to all invoices processed through RAMP.Global. The handling fee covers. Full account managed service, account set up, verification and compliance checks, job notifications and employer briefings, unlimited user accounts and credit control and payment processing.

Job engagement fees
If you are working with a new client introduced to you by RAMP.Global,
an upfront engagement fee will be required to commence work.


What information do I receive on each job?

On each job you are sent, you will be able to view the following:
• Company Name
• Full job description & salary range
• Recruitment fee available
• Briefing date and time
• Terms of business including the recruitment fee, payment terms,
rebate periods and candidate ownership and RAMP Global’s agency management fee

How do I accept a job and begin supplying candidates?

• If you can supply candidates, you will need to review and agree to the employer terms of business.
• To accept a job, click on the green ‘Accept Role’ button which is located above the job on the right-hand side.
• Once you’ve accepted, the employer will be automatically notified that you are working on the job and you can begin submitting candidates.

How do I get candidate feedback from an employer?

• You can request feedback from an employer by messaging them via the platform.
• Employer feedback times will vary and are typically between 48 and 72 hours. If you have not heard back in this time, please contact your account manager.

How do I agree to terms of business and fees?

You agree to terms of business and fees by accepting the terms and engaging on a job through the platform. The agreement is valid for the duration of the recruitment process whilst you’re engaged on the job.

Can you confirm how I log a placement?

• Our platform uses a two side confirmation process for logging placements. If your candidate has accepted an offer, find the candidate in the ‘Applications Section’. Clicking on the candidate should reveal a green ‘Log Placement Details’ or ‘Progress’ button which will display the ‘Log placement’ option.
• Click on ‘Log placement’ to confirm the start date and starting salary. Once you have input the start date and salary, click on ‘Confirm Placement’.
• The employer will then be notified that you have logged the placement and will confirm the placement and placement details.
• Once both sides have confirmed the placement, the invoicing process will begin on the start date of the candidate.
• On the start date of your candidate, send your invoice to our accounts team via email. Further details on the invoicing details are provided once both the employer and recruiter has confirmed the placement.

How long does it take until I get paid?

Payment terms may vary depending on each employer – they typically will range from 30 days to 60 days from candidate start date. The payment terms can be viewed on each job by clicking view terms.

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