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Why talent acquisition (TA) and procurement need to work more closely

Acquiring and retaining skilled employees is critical for modern businesses as industries become more service orientated. While HR and Talent Acquisition (TA) teams are widely recognised as those responsible for finding talent, another crucial player to achieving this often remains on the side-lines: Procurement.

Procurement teams often manage the recruitment agency relationships through ensuring compliance, negotiating spend and reporting on their performance. They get involved with developing lists of preferred suppliers, or MSP providers to improve the talent acquisition team’s capacity and reach and equally in in contractor onboarding and offboarding to mitigate any risk to personnel safety or worker misclassifications.

Recent years have seen more and more employers shifting towards building blended workforces. Just think of the many freelancers and consultants that has contributed to your organisation recently. Ensuring that the right agencies are sourced and procured is key to ensuring talent, both permanent and temporary is identified at best value and price at any time.

Typically, the hiring process involves the hiring manager identifying workforce gaps, TA aligning on ideal candidates, agencies sourcing talent, and procurement engaging those agencies. The challenge lies in differing priorities. Hiring managers and TA prioritise candidate access, while procurement seeks control and compliance, often favouring established agencies over those that are best fit.

These varying goals can create tension and a disjointed approach resulting in delays due to procedural misalignment and siloed processes. Bridging this gap is therefore essential as without it, zero alignment can become costly.

As we enter 2024, both procurement and TA need to work together in order to have a competitive advantage in finding and retaining talent. Articulating procurement’s value in agency management aids TA’s efficiency and involving all stakeholders early will accelerate reaching this goal.

Platforms like RAMP.Global are there to facilitate transparency in agency capability/performance, price and speed for both departments. Through removing all of the pain procurement has to go through in juggling multiple vendor contracts and ensuring a smooth recruitment process between TA and agencies in one platform, the barriers to better communication and team cohesion are removed.

Ultimately, fostering collaboration between TA, and procurement enhances talent acquisition where a blended workforce is crucial in a competitive talent landscape.

If you’d like to discuss how you can bring alignment to your TA and procurement functions then book a demo with us today.

Author: Jovan Sterling-Noel, Product Marketing Lead, RAMP.Global

Jovan has 9 years experience in the recruitment and HR tech industry managing the marketing capabilities for early stage businesses. Jovan works with the product, sales and marketing teams and has a keen interest in how technology impacts labour markets globally.

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