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Salary Benchmarking Report

Talent Pulse Insights

Senior Solution Sales Specialists – United Kingdom

Taken in February 2021, we collected a snapshot of the salary range Senior Solution Sales Specialists are currently being paid in the UK. The specialist suppliers in the UK provided their expertise to benchmark for candidates at a low, middle and high experience level and were asked to provide a benchmark on the bonus structure and levels.

To remain in-tune and competitive in an ever changing world of work, we enable you to understand:

  • What you should pay?
  • What do my competitors pay?
  • What new benefits are being offered?
  • How competitive are we in the market?
  • Which location should I hire talent?
  • What new HR Technologies are being used?

Reports are bespoke and can be categorised in the following:

  • By Country
  • By Industry or market
  • By specialism or skill
  • By seniority
  • By role type

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