Alight Solutions

A Customer Success Story


Alight Solutions are an outsourcing company employing over 10,000 people across 35 countries. They have a regular need to access SAP specialist talent to hire for projects across existing and new countries as they expand. Accessing new talent using local staffing agencies was becoming more and more important to hire faster to meet demand.

The Challenge

There was a real difficulty in identifying the best local agency suppliers across many countries they recruited in. When they finally found an acceptable staffing agency, the process of engaging, procuring and paying them took weeks, lengthening time-to-hire and increasing internal administration. The company approached RAMP Global to solve this problem, in order to quickly and easily identify the best specialist agencies across Europe, and the Asia Pacific.

Our Approach

Using RAMP Global’s agency sourcing solutions, we were able to identify 127 staffing agencies across 13 countries that Alight Solutions were recruiting in due to new projects and customers. Each staffing agency was vetted on their capability to deliver SAP specialists, particularly in HR / Payroll functions and those chosen agreed to Alight Solutions’ terms of business. 78 staffing agencies were procured to deliver across a range of projects in a 6 month period, with all communication, terms of business and candidate supply, managed within our platform. This enabled both staffing agencies and Alight Solutions to have a one-stop solution to deliver on the project.



To transform how you deliver on recruitment assignments through the use of staffing agencies, employers need access to local and specialist staffing agencies to which quality candidates can be supplied. Because Alight Solutions engaged with local suppliers, they were able to reap the rewards of improving the company’s knowledge of the local candidate market, whilst ensuring their roles were filled. Through RAMP Global, they also removed the headache of setting up multiple suppliers and administrating payments, enabling talent acquisition to focus on direct hiring.


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